The association Amis des Etudiants du Monde (AEM) meaning Friends of the Students of the world welcomes students and international researchers from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

We are present in Nantes and Toulouse and we’d be delighted to meet you.

These students come from Indonesia, Brazil, Croatia, Chad, Australia, China and they share their experience with us in France with our association.

"Meeting friends from all over the world in the context of French kindness: that experience really struck me during my time in France!"
Yosua, University of Strasbourg

"Not only have I developed my French and my self-confidence, but I have also made friends for life."
José, Ecole centrale, Nantes

"It was an amazing opportunity to meet new friends, practise my French and have a good time in a cheerful and fun environment."
Vedra, University of Nantes

"Thanks to the association, I got to befriend many international students, to take part in exciting activities like the cooking workshops and the outings at the Museum and in the woods, etc."
Pingjiang, IMT Atlantique, Rennes

"I’m very grateful to this association that is so welcoming. I made some really good friends and it has given me a community during my stay in France! Thank you so much for all the fun evenings!"
Kesha, University of Nantes

"I will sum up my experience with the association in three words: friendship, learning and openness."
Joel, University of Rennes 2

Where are we?

We are present in Nantes and Toulouse.

Our main activity

Learning the French language

In all the cities where we are, we want to give students the opportunity to learn and make progress in French. So, each week during the academic year, we hold discussion groups in French and it gives students the chance to speak French and make progress in their understanding and their mastering of the language.

Other activities

Food distribution

Several nights each week, our volunteers go to a bakery to collect their unsold goods. They then distribute the sandwiches, the bread, croissants, etc that they have collected to the international students. The initiative enables us to combat food waste and bring food aid to international students.

Welcome meal

Our association holds big welcome meals at the start of every semester to welcome students from all over the world who have just arrived or who have been there for longer. It is the opportunity to have a fun time together, to get to know each other and to make new friends.

Cooking workshop

The cooking workshops are places where students can discover a tasty side of the French culture. As they learn, they discover new products, new recipes, new tastes. And of course, the icing on the cake, everyone ends up sharing their speciality. It’s always a time that is appreciated.

Evenings introducing a culture or a country

In the association, we see many students from all corners of the world. On the one hand, they have a chance to learn French and understand the French culture better, and on the other hand they have the opportunity to share about their country and culture. It is undoubtedly mutually enriching.

Discovering and celebrating Christmas and Easter

The students from all over the world who are in the cities where we are can have the opportunity to discover the Christmas and Easter festivals that are part of our calendar and hear about their meaning.

Our values

Christian hospitality

The example of Christ who welcomed and befriended people of different social conditions, cultures and all ages inspires us. We want every student to feel welcomed and feel at ease no matter what cultural and religious background they come from. Hospitality is expressed through the sharing of snacks and meals during our meetings.

Faithful friendships

Apart from the activities that we offer, we want to see true friendships being built between students of all nationalities and with the volunteers and the families that are involved in our association.


Our volunteers endeavour to be patient as they face the frustrations, the linguistic and cultural misunderstandings of international students.


Amis des étudiants du monde (AEM)
Avenue de la Clarté, Nantes


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AEM is a not-for-profit organization under French law (1901 Act) in France